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Network FAQ

What is the duration of the contract?
Everyone at UNYQUE enjoys the freedom to leave the network within 30 days. So you are only bound if you really want to!
Do you have to be 18+?
You must be at least 18 years old to sign the contract yourself. Parents can sign the contract for their child from 13+ years.
Do you need my password?
No! You will receive an invitation to our content management system in your YouTube Creator Studio when you sign the contract. Your channel will be connected to our network.
Do you take streamers as well?
Sure! We also love and support streaming! If you are a streamer, a different partnership agreement applies. More details at contract meeting.
What are the conditions?
Exact and personalized conditions can be found in your contract. Basically, we want to keep the charges according to the performance in a fair framework.
Are there any minimum requirements?
Yes there are. As of 2021, we have stricter requirements. You should have at least 50,000 subscribers and an active community (views per video). Exceptions will be made in individual cases.
Do I have to pay taxes?
If you earn some revenue, it is of course necessary to pay taxes. YouTube advertising revenue is transferred by Bent Pixels LLC from the USA (according to the partnership agreement with Bent Pixels & Unyque). You will receive monthly reports of your income for your tax advisor.
How can I cancel the contract?
Since the partnership agreement was signed via eSign, it can also be terminated online. An e-mail with a letter of termination and reasons is sufficient for this. From receipt of the mail, the notice period of 30 days counts.
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Are there any questions left?

Feel free to contact us!