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Influencer Marketing since 2015

We take care of the whole process for you and make it as easy as possible! With UNYQUE you have access to the knowledge and experience of over 1000+ influencers. We advise fully and transparently!


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Florence (Shoop Germany GmbH)

We have been working with UNYQUE for over 1.5 years and are constantly planning new collaborations with them. Thanks to their large and diverse portfolio of creators, this allows for a variety of new advertising integrations.
Messages and emails are answered by the agency within a few hours. Their honest opinion, personal creativity and their implemented wishes make UNYQUE a reliable and unique agency.
┬ę UNYQUE GmbH & ASMR Janina for Paramount Pictures

Your target is our target!

Never book questionable influencers again. We maintain a whitelist of vetted influencers in our CRM.

It really couldn't be simpler...­čĄ»

With us, you save not only time, but also money on misinvested influencers.

Save yourself a lot of time!

Find Influencer

Save yourself the hassle of finding the right influencers. Let us take care of it!

Contract & Briefing

We prepare a briefing (if necessary) and conclude all contracts.


Always professional and transparent!


Each campaign is monitored and controlled by our CRM.

Jessica (Clark Germany Gmbh)

For us, working with UNYQUE is based on trust and reliability. We have a great exchange, receive suitable cooperation proposals and fair prices! We appreciate the cooperation very much.

More advantages

Influencer Network

Collaboration with over 350 influencers

Diverse influencers

Almost every genre available

Platform independent

YouTube, Twitch, Instagram & TikTok


Open and honest!

Content verification

Review of the content before delivery

Risk analysis

Risk calculation through our CRM


Performance reports from Analytics & UNYQUE CRM

Not convinced yet?­čĄö

Can not really be, but be in touch with our team at any time.

Available from Q4 for UNYQUE customers

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