Social Media Marketing

The management of a company’s social media channels is always a big time guzzler. In addition, resources are often not used in a goal-oriented manner and one is only bobbing around in mediocre results.

In short: The return of investment is usually sobering. The result of this is a neglect of online marketing maintenance. We believe that an unbelievably large potential and therefore sales slip through your fingers. That’s why from now on we’ll be at your side with the following points:

Social Media Marketing - UNYQUE

We take over your accounts and maintain them in such a way, that every cent you spend on your marketing, comes back. In doing so, we pay particular attention to three main pillars: continuity, quality and stringency.

We have a strong network of successful influencers who can move your brand forward. What is important here is the right choice to suit the target group. We analyse them and provide you with the right partner, tailor-made to your needs.

Boost up your marketing! Our claim is to make the advertising space of social media channels, which is mainly used by large companies, efficiently usable for everyone. Efficient use of the budget and perfect targeting are the keywords here!

Success and important KPIs are quickly lost if they are not transparent. The problem: The user often takes the data of analystic tools as cryptic. Our reporting is always visible, understandable and target-oriented. Handmade for your business.

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