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Are you a creative creator looking for a reliable companion on your way to a wider reach? Then you’ve come to the right place. Apply now to join our YouTube network and benefit from the advantages of our support in influencer marketing to the support of YouTube channels. With us you have an experienced companion on your way to long-term success without empty promises Become part of our passionate community now!

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We love your talent and share your passion for good content on YouTube. For this reason, we give everything so that you can live out creatively and we take care of the rest.

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It is especially important to us that all Creators are treated equally, regardless of reach or income.

Epidemic Sound & Co.

Of course, we also offer partners enough choice of music, with Epidemic Sound, Audiomicro and UNYQUE Music’s own productions.

The right concept!

With over 7 years of experience in managing YouTube channels, we can help your image and content shine.

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The support is also incredibly important! Reliable and professional, even around the clock in case of emergencies.

Product placements

We are happy to organize sponsorships and product placements for you with our worldwide network of agencies and companies!

Up to 15% more!

Selected creators will receive reserved ads by working with Bent Pixels.

With our supporting services we offer you more than other networks and take over the YouTube Management. Convince yourself of our talent to recognize and promote great potential.


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ASMR Janina

Das Team von UNYQUE ist sehr fleißig, zuverlässig und ist immer da, wenn ich Hilfe brauche. Auch Produktplatzierungen werden professionell abgewickelt und ich kann mich mit Unyque mehr auf meine Videos fokussieren.

V SkillZ

Mir gefällt an UNYQUE dass man mit ihnen reden kann und das gefühlt 24/7. Selbst wenn um 3 Uhr Nachts der Schuh drückt, dann erreiche ich jemanden. Sie haben Ahnung von dem was sie tun. Sie sind nicht nur Manager, sondern Begleiter im Leben.

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