As an advertising partner, we make it easy for you to book campaigns with one of our influencers


You do not have to write your own contract. Optionally we offer our contract, which secures both parties.

Increase sales

Apply your product in front of a wide audience. (Average target group 10-30 years)


For each campaign, we can provide detailed information so you can better analyze the campaign.

YouTube ad

Together with our cooperation partner Bent Pixels, we can run ads in front of the videos of our creators

Ad-clip creation

You do not have an advertising clip yet? Want to advertise on YouTube? No problem! We also produce promotional videos for companies

Feel free to contact us.


Is there an agency fee?

We do not ask advertisers to pay any additional fees.

How can I book a creator?

Very easily! Use our contact form to send all the relevant information about the campaign (eg target group, budget …) and we will get in touch with possible channels and their demographics and statistics within a very short time.

Which advertising methods do you offer?

  1. One-time mention before a video (about 20-30 seconds) e.g. Commercials
  2. Integration (1-2 minutes)
  3. Dedicated video
  4. Social Media Advertising
  5. YouTube Channel Partnership (Branded Placement)
  6. Stream Partnership
  7. Advertisement (before videos)

Do I have to write a contract?

No. You can optionally request our influencer marketing contract. We prepare the contract for the campaign and send it to you. The treaty protects both parties in many ways.

Do I get an overview of how well the campaign performed?

We are happy to provide on request a detailed overview of the completed campaign.

How do you add ads in front of channels?

Through the cooperation with our partner Bent Pixels we have the possibility to play individual advertisements in front of the videos of our partners (independent of Google Ads). For example, this ad can be activated for individual channels where the target audience is ideal.

How much does a promotional video cost?

Of course that’s not easy to sum up. Depending on the subject matter and effort, at least costs are incurred in the 4-digit value.


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